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Splitting Table Cells

Splitting cells divides each selected cell into two equal parts, horizontally (rows) or
vertically (columns). Both of the new cells have identical background colors or images.
Any text that was in the original cell remains in the topmost or leftmost cell.

To split cells horizontally or vertically:


Select a table cell or cells. To split an entire row or column, select all the cells in the row

or column.


To split cells into rows, choose Format > Table > “Split into Rows.” To split cells into

columns, choose Format > Table > “Split into Columns.”
You can also choose Split Rows or Split Columns from the Edit Rows & Columns pop-
up menu in the Table inspector.


To create smaller and smaller units, repeat steps 1 and 2 for the split cells.

To rejoin split cells, merge them, as “Merging Table Cells” on page 198 describes.