Pages - Preface:  Welcome to Pages ’09

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Welcome to Pages ’09

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Welcome to Pages ’09

Onscreen help
Onscreen help contains detailed instructions for completing all Pages tasks. To open
help, open Pages and choose Help > Pages Help. The first page of help also provides
access to useful websites.

iWork website
Read the latest news and information about iWork at

Support website
Find detailed information about solving problems at

Help tags
Pages provides help tags—brief text descriptions—for most onscreen items. To see a
help tag, hold the pointer over an item for a few seconds.

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This chapter introduces you to the windows and tools you’ll

use in Pages.

When you create a Pages document, you first select a template to start from.

Pages Templates

When you first open the Pages application (by clicking its icon in the Dock or by
double-clicking its icon in the Finder), the Template Chooser window presents a variety
of document types from which to choose.